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Tina McGuff /// Anorexia is a Shit Disease /// E043

Tina McGuff is the critically acclaimed author of "Seconds to Snap", it is a memoir of the journey she went through as a teenager and early twenties with anorexia, complex mental illness to full recovery and a very healthy happy life.

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Tristan /// Live Your Life Bravely /// E040

Tristan’s entire life journey is a testament to trusting the voices in her head, especially when they didn’t make sense” to others. From going to four colleges in four years, to winning a job at Teen People Magazine off the radio, to convincing publishers she could pen a super-fun dating book as a non-writer, to ditching a wildly successful, albeit soul sucking career in pursuit of service, to coming out with her highly controversial #metoo story, and so much more in the lands of love, life and career, Tristan, to the core of her being, believes that to live life wholeheartedly, we have to dare to answer the call of our own wild. This is the foundation for her passion in helping women connect to their inner voice and project it out… loudly!

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Brittany H. /// Anxiety Will Not Kill You /// E035

Brittany is a Personal Trainer, Group Exercise Instructor, Kindergarten and 1st Grade Teacher.  She has managed through PTSD and Depression as she now tries to raise awareness to Mental Health and promote the impact of health and fitness on mental healing. 

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