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Pete Mulroy /// I can do anything…I learned to walk and talk /// E048

Pete Mulroy grew up outside of Detroit, MI.  After graduating with a degree in astrophysics and a stint with NASA, he returned to graduate school to study planetary atmospheres, to launch a sounding rocket and to work at JPL.  He has a deep passion for history and understanding what the past means for today.  He now lives in Italy as he has always been a dual citizen, gracing people with his knowledge of Roman history as a City Tour Guide. 

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Tristan /// Live Your Life Bravely /// E040

Tristan’s entire life journey is a testament to trusting the voices in her head, especially when they didn’t make sense” to others. From going to four colleges in four years, to winning a job at Teen People Magazine off the radio, to convincing publishers she could pen a super-fun dating book as a non-writer, to ditching a wildly successful, albeit soul sucking career in pursuit of service, to coming out with her highly controversial #metoo story, and so much more in the lands of love, life and career, Tristan, to the core of her being, believes that to live life wholeheartedly, we have to dare to answer the call of our own wild. This is the foundation for her passion in helping women connect to their inner voice and project it out… loudly!

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Jamil Smith /// Listen To Your Own Breath /// E034

Jamil Smith is a visionary by birth. By training, he is an acupuncturist, herbalist, photographer, writer and entrepreneur…His path in life has led him from the conference tables of Wall Street through the veins of New York City and beyond. 

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