Pete Mulroy /// I can do anything…I learned to walk and talk /// E048


Pete Mulroy grew up outside of Detroit, MI.  After graduating with a degree in astrophysics and a stint with NASA, he returned to graduate school to study planetary atmospheres, to launch a sounding rocket and to work at JPL.  He has a deep passion for history and understanding what the past means for today.  He now lives in Italy as he has always been a dual citizen, gracing people with his knowledge of Roman history as a City Tour Guide. 

Talking to Pete is always an opportunity to learn and have a great discussion.

I’m a product of where I group up. At NASA the people of color I knew were PhDs in Astrophysics.
— Pete

Topics we cover///

  • 20 years in Italy and an interest in U.S. Politics

  • What it's like in Italy discussing politics and difficult conversations

  • His growing up…

    • …path to working at the Jet propulsion lab

    • … then off to Italy

  • The Movie he created

  • His philosophy on being able to learn to walk and talk as a motivator to accomplishment

  • We talk about The American dream,

    • the peak of it

    • the nature of where it is now

    • how he thinks the breaking of the Air Traffic control union impacted job availability

  • The Relationship of business to its employees

  • And More!!