Allie Lucchetti /// It's OK to have Anxiety /// E045


Allie Lucchetti is the founder of AllRootsWellness, a healthy lifestyle blog that started as a safe space to share her journey of managing anxiety disorder through healthy living and 360 wellness. From healthified recipes and superfoods to mindfulness, movement and mind-hacking, Allie shares her honest approach to staying sane in today’s busy world.

When you say no to something you’re actually saying yes to yourself
— Allie Lucchetti

Topics we cover///

  • Impact of words such as ‘No’ and ‘Should’ on managing mental health and her anxiety

  • Having Anxiety at a young age and what that experience was like for her

  • The way we process differently even if we experience the same thing

  • How Anxiety manifests for her and ultimately how she manages it

  • Coming off Anxiety medication and all the ways she manages with exercise, meditation, and nutrition