Rachel Gorham /// Always Persevere and Follow your Dreams /// E041

Rachel Gorham

Rachel Gorham is an Advanced Practice Registered Nurse with 6 years of clinical experience. She is double board certified and holds national certifications as a Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner and in Advanced Genetics Nursing. Her specialty is in women’s health, gynecological oncology, cancer risk assessment, hereditary cancer syndromes, cancer genetics, managing and developing high-risk breast centers, and cancer prevention.

 She has provided her expertise on two national position statements for NPWH which include Hereditary Breast and Ovarian Cancer Risk Assessment and Males with Breast Conditions: The Role of WHNPs Specializing in Breast Care. She recently contributed to Women’s Health in Primary Care: An Integrated Approach 1e, “Breast Health” chapter. Rachel is a National Key Note Speaker for Merck and Myriad Genetics.

We’re looking for a breast cancer cure they keep saying, but I really feel like we’ve already found the cure for breast cancer. It’s looking at a family history of cancer and actually preventing cancer from forming to begin with.
— Rachel G.

Topics we cover///

  • Hereditary cancer Using online genetic testing vs. using a proper clinical analysis

  • Categories of Breast Cancer

  • Best way to get tested

  • Surviving cancer twice

  • HPV and understanding the virus and vaccines

  • Growing up extremely poor and how she brought herself to her current place in life

  • The importance of faith in her life and her balance of faith and science

  • The fire she has to bring herself to the place she is in life

  • Her relationship with her grandfather and the importance of it growing up

  • The Healing Hands Project






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