John Speaks /// Three Black Men On F-@king Scooters /// E004

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Three Black Men On F-@king Scooters

gri·ot [ɡrēˈō, ˈɡrēō]


a member of a class of traveling poets, musicians, and storytellers who maintain a tradition of oral history in parts of West Africa.

Disclaimer: This episode has explicit language. Speaks has a lot to say so this is certainly a great listen, just be aware of the language.

This episode or More In Common [previously known as Under The Skin] is a conversation with Speaks. Speaks lives in the hills of Los Angeles. He is an owner of Hyperion Public, which has two great restaurants and really great bars in L.A. He owns a branding and marketing company called Villains and Rogues, a pretzel company called LongDough Pretzel, and is involved with a company called Global Stem Care Laboratories. He has his name on a few big-name music videos as a producer and he coaches little league and volunteers at the YMCA as he has 4 kids.

We talk with Speaks about his High School experience in New Hampshire, in contrast to mine from episode 1, how he handles race with his kids in parallel with episode 2, and we discuss his experience of race in his life as well as his philosophy that has gotten him to where he is today. The conversation goes wide but provides a really good look at another person’s life experience and how we openly discuss things even if we don’t agree on certain points.

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