Lloyd Wilkey /// Oh, So I’m Black Now? I Wasn’t Black During The War /// E006


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Oh, So I’m Black Now? I Wasn’t Black During The War

Today we learn about Lloyd.  Lloyd is gracious to share his story that led him to today where he lives in Los Angeles and is an Activist, a Human Relations Trainer doing work with Law Enforcement, businesses, non-profits, and educators.  He is a Mediator, Youth worker, boxing/self-defense coach, and singer.

After living his developmental years in Boston during the Civil Rights movement of the 60s and surviving some intense trauma during those years, Lloyd has dedicated his life to improving the communities around him.

It certainly hasn’t always been easy, but he perseveres in his efforts to make the world he lives in a better place.  Lloyd’s story is certainly interesting and his perspective is rooted in experiences many of us don’t have.

This episode doesn’t have choice language but some of the subject matter is heavy.  Just know before listening depending who you listen with.


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