The LockWest Monster /// If We Can’t Communicate We Can’t Exist /// E023


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Welcome back friends, today we’re joined by The LockWest Monster. While the title is our favorite quote from the conversation our next favorite is “Dialogue is the breeding ground for all resolve”.  This conversation moves all over the place and we get a really good look into the mind of LockWest.  He’s a poet, a thinker, lover of people, and also happens to be a rapper.  He invited More In Commoninto his home in Lynwood, CA and this is the first conversation Keith and Rodney were both live with their subject.  In this conversation, LockWest will challenge you to think, he definitely got Keith and Rodney thinking.

LockWest shares a lot with us, as we cover:

  • Family

  • Hip Hop Culture

  • LA

  • Gang culture

  • Business

  • The “N” word

    • Which provides a different point of view than Speaks, or Shye from previous episodes.

  • His Love of People 


  • New Album

    • The first single is “Like It Is”

  • Simon Sinek

  • And a lot more