Shye Eaze /// Be Aware of Your Breath, Keep Your Chin Up, and Be Still /// E022


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We have the extreme pleasure of introducing Alex aka Shye Eaze.  She is an artist, a doer, a creator.  She tells us to: Be Aware of Your Breath, Keep Your Chin Up, and Be Still. She plays at least 4 instruments, in fact, the music we use to introduce in this episode her features her playing the violin.  She raps, she is the CEO of Wit Eaze Entertainment, to name a couple more things.  Wit Eaze is a multi-talented stage showcasing the graceful bodily movements, instrumentals, lyrics, fashion, heart, and dedication, behind the entertainment that we all love.

More about her in her own words ///

I came up with the idea of witEAZEent because as many artists, I am extremely talented in many different areas and finding ONE “career path” seems overwhelming. I am always asked why I don’t pursue being just a rapper. Why I don’t go to cosmetology school and pursue my passion of doing hair. Why I don’t join an orchestra, why I don’t manage a restaurant, why don’t I go to culinary school, blah blah blah. The truth is I am equally passionate about everything I put my mind to do. I am an artist. I am a lyricist, violinist, cellist, bartender, server, cook, cosmetologist, skateboarder, songwriter…the list goes on. I thought to myself, why not start my own company. Help the people I love to pursue their dreams and live to their fullest potential doing exactly what they love? I’ve had everything and lost it all. I’ve spent timeless hours and overtime into working for employers that made me feel replaceable. If I work as hard for myself and my loved ones as I do for someone else, there is no reason in the world for my dream to not come true.There is nothing wrong with my way of thinking nor the direction I have chosen because every move I’ve made placed me right here where I am today: The CEO of what will be the legendary multi-billion dollar corporation for artists all over the world.

In this episode we talk about ///

You can find Shye on the website or on social @shye__eaze or @witeazent

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When something is turned up or popping   (unofficial definition according to urban dictionary)