Kwame Bowen /// Courage, Commitment, Consistency /// E028


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As we conclude September, Suicide Prevention month, and we follow to our amazing conversation with the founder of a non-profit dedicated to preventing teen Suicide, this week we welcome Kwame.  A man who had personal struggles with suicide and found his way to a brighter day.  Three words he anchors on: Courage, Commitment, Consistency.

Coach Kwame now aims to use the struggles he went through to teach young men so they can learn from his journey.  He lost his mom at a young age and his family had to find ways through that struggle.  Kwame has an interesting story that includes growing up in a Baptist, Pentecostal, and Buddhist family. 

Coach Kwame’s Philosophy ”Courage, Commitment, and Consistency”

Topics we cover:

  • Losing his Mom

  • Managing mental health

  • Importance of Mentorship

  • Suicide

  • Coaching Philosophy

  • Religion


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