More In Common /// Behind The Scenes – Rod Part Deux


Sometimes I lack the motivation to write about the topics that we tend to cover on our podcast.  So I default to “what’s new with us” mode.  Come with me behind the scenes (rod part deux) so I can do just that.

So, what’s new?///

We just released an episode to talk about changes to our regular programming.  Namely, that we will be releasing an episode every other week starting July, this month.  Here’s how this went down… we in a planning meeting reviewing the first half of the year and realized that we’d hit almost every goal that we’d set with six more months to go.  Without hesitation we both said, let’s double the output.  It’s not like we have jobs, wives, children, animals, sure we can handle the uptick in workload.  Which is absolutely true we can.  We almost have every episode recorded that we’re going to release in 2018.  This is a far cry from how we began.  We weren’t sure who we were going to interview, how to edit, how to post, and often edited up to the deadline (or slightly past) for release.  Then we started the cycle again because we had less than a month to find another person to agree, mesh schedules, record, edit….lots of other stuff….release.  We’ve grown a bit since then.


A lot has changed since our original routine.  We started blogging, engaging daily on social, building our village (our way of saying partnerships), and completely retooled out record/edit/release cycle.  We’ve since developed a schedule that allows us to record as many episodes as we can in one month.  In the month that follows we edit as many of those episodes as we can.  We have a process in which we hand episodes back and forth to one another to share comments and ideas for edits in each conversation.  We’re doing much more, much more efficiently.  It still takes time and effort but doesn’t really feel like a grind once I start to get into the work.

The Journey///

This has been an extremely cool process and journey for me getting to meet new people.  It’s awesome to have these conversations and have so much time to think about them and how they affect me and potentially those around me.  It’s also mentally taxing having your thoughts and ideas constantly challenged.

This started off as a thought experiment or as I coined “social experiment” and we’re now trying to figure out how to not only make it self-sustaining but also profitable.

That’s right, we’re starting to turn our thoughts towards profit.  We have a lot of ideas and most of them will require money, lots of it.  The goal isn’t just to get people talking.  I think it’s the first step and you can’t skip it.  We do need to learn how to communicate much more effectively.  Then we need to go do good things to help others.  The action part.  We have ideas for the communities we live in and good lord willing the world.  One day.  One step at a time.  Which presently, is getting this blog post done and then editing an episode so we can post it later this week <wink>.

I’m going to drop this off right here.

If you have questions, thoughts, comments, hit me up.  Always down to help out or just wax poetic.



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