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It's been a while since we've given an update.  Today I'll take you behind the scenes and give my perspective on where we are.  Welcome to Behind The Scenes - Rod part I

Record, Edit, Repeat

Things have been moving very fast and we're learning a lot.  We've decided to record interviews every other month.  May is a month of recording and June will be a month of editing.  This process has allowed us to build a healthy catalog of recorded episodes.  Our intent is to build our library of recorded conversations so that we can develop a more sophisticated release pattern.  We may go with seasons in the future, however even if we don't we'd like to group conversations that make sense.  For instance, if two interviews take opposing views it'd be great to release them back to back to help keep the brain juices flowing.

Inside of this process we've developed a very nice process that works off of our strengths as individuals.  Keith focuses his time on editing for content consistency and continuity.  Whereas I focus on audio fidelity, intro, overall audio mastery.  Realizing that we have specific skills has been huge.  Namely, this has freed me to focus on areas that I like and can have more impact in.

As an example:  Relying on Keith to do content edits allows me to focus on our marketing and social strategies.  I tend to think in a less-linear fashion so content editing is painful for me.  While I like working on the marketing aspects.

An Aside About Guests

I've been asked where we find our guests.  Mainly they are friends, friends of friends, or in my case people I meet on the sidewalk.  Which is no exaggeration I'll talk to just about anyone.  What's fascinating about this is that everyone has pretty interesting stories in their lives.  It's free to ask a question and listen in.

Insight comes from interesting places.

Sometimes all you have to do is listen to someone and you may learn something.  May, is a definitely a keyword in the last sentence.  We definitely use discernment as to whom we invite on the pod.  If I hear something interesting I'll share the idea and ask if they'd consider joining.  It's pretty much that simple.

I never expected people to feel honored to be invited to our podcast.  Perhaps this is a reflection on my own self-talk.  Or, that I never considered that most people we have interviewed had never experienced anything like this.  It's extremely cool to hear someone say that it was awesome to have two people listen to them.  That they felt heard, not necessarily agreed with.  Tis almost as if we're achieving what we set out to do  <insert wink emoticon here>.

Who woulda thunk it a possibility?  Not I.

Content, Content, Content

We've decided to blog weekly, at a minimum.  We alternate turns writing.  I can't say that I've ever wanted a blog but it's been a good learning experience.  I've always wanted to write, so it's helping me build that muscle.  It's also been a good avenue for us to connect with our audience regarding real-time events.  At the outset, we did not want to focus our conversations on the talking points of the day or be held hostage by news headlines.  We just feel that there is so much more beneath the surface.  Man, if only there was a name that conveyed that concept…what about "under the skin" no that would never work!  He says sarcastically,  you should check out that podcast.  It's good and it had the name first so I'll let it go - one day.

Anyhow, we're gaining consistency around blogging which has helped us engage with a new set of people.  Next up is being active on social daily.  While I don't mind social, I'm definitely no expert so I'm learning A LOT right now.  Starting with the basics - brand identity and brand catalog.  Thankfully we thought about these things early on, we just didn’t define them.  Which I'm doing now because all good brands know who they are and articulate with masterfully so you know who they are.  As we tighten these up our daily strategy will be developed and you'll get to hear much more from us.  On all the socials, often.  Without being annoying - just the right amount.  I'd love to strike a balance.  I listen to over 20 podcasts myself and there is only so much time in the day so I get it…we're another 2 dudes asking for your time.  This is the reason we only release 1 conversation per month.  They are usually very heavy and deep content wise and they are long.  Unless you live in LA like me you probably don’t have hours upon hours of car time to drain your podcast and book queue.

Growth + Evolution

We thought this was going to be one thing - a place to host debates that we work through civilly.   It's turned into a place where we have great conversations and start the process of getting to know people.  We have two-hour conversations and barely scratch the surface of getting to know people.  At the same time, we learn things that some of their closest friends don't know.

We've matured our operations and are running pretty smoothly right now.  I know this because my wife told me so, which is a big deal.  This takes a fair amount of time away from family but we work hard to be efficient with it.

We're selling t-shirts.  Never saw that coming.  Hey, you gotta pay the bills somehow!  We've got a dope shirt… so yea, why not?

We're testing, implementing, and changing weekly if not daily.  It's fast and fun.  I can't wait to hit our next development milestone and I have absolutely no clue what it will be.  It's this wonderful place where we're creating and letting it take us where it will go all at the same time.


Keep on listening in.  Keep reading.  We appreciate you!

Last week I was asked when I'd be open to critique.  The answer is: always.  I get calls, texts, messages daily about what we should change and/or consider implementing.  I love it.  I love that people care enough to actually listen and then take more time to follow up.  We're always down to consider new stuff.  We're also down to say no thank you when it doesn’t fit our brand or current direction.

Drop us comments, texts, emails, and calls.


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