A Shift + Impressions Left by Shye Eaze (Alexandria) ///


A Shift ///

We’ve decided to do away with follow up episodes and focus on bringing more content from more guests.  Going forward we’ll add a quick recap/follow-up to the beginning of every new episode.  Where possible we’ll make connections between the conversations to prep you as you head into them.

As such I want to share some of my thoughts from our last episode with Shye.

What hit me hardest

The thing that hit me the most was when I asked Shye how she’ll respond to her daughter when she experiences discrimination.  It became apparent to me in her response why I care about this so much.  Obviously, I want to prepare my own children and other youth for life.  My issue is much more fundamental.  It is that no (OK maybe some) parent wants to have to talk to their child about the harsh realities of life.

No minority parent wants to explain to their children that they may be treated as different or how to deal with hit.

When I ask how I should prepare my children I’ve been met by people that say all kinds of things:

– Prepare them for what?

– Just love them

– You’re over thinking it

My frustration is how many people don’t realize how real these issues are in America and in the world at large.  Also, the risks involved with not properly educating young ones regarding them.

Shye’s response was innocent and what any parent would want to say to their child.  I sensed a hint of, “wait, that won’t happen.  Will it?” and then a realization that “oh yea, it sure might” followed by her elegant answer to the question.  I’ve not had a chance to talk to her about it more, however, I do intend to.

Connection + Conversation

When I went back to start editing the episode the first thing that struck me is how tentative Shye started out.  This was my second conversation with her and Keith’s first.  I haven’t asked her if it was nerves or just feeling out these random two guys that wanted to talk to her about her life and journey.  Later in the conversation when talking about the N-word and using it in reference to the two of use she said she did so because we’re homies.  Which was absolutely true at that point in the conversation.  In as short as two hours we were able to form a real connection and we were three people all in different locations talking via Skype.

What more

I find myself enamored with her relentless pursuit to be true to herself: artist, musician, mother, wife, bartender, rapper, hair stylist, etc..  She’s an entrepreneur that’s settling into a space of pure creation and she’s found a way to help others create at the same time.  It was a very cool thing to hear about and now to watch it as it blossoms.


I don’t think there is one answer to solving the challenges of the day.  Conversation really seems to be the key to opening that door.

Dream big.  Do the work and make them real.  It’s not easy lots of people will tell you what they think you should be doing.

Finally, we learn:

Be Aware of Your Breath, Keep Your Chin Up, and Be Still

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