A Brief Follow-up, A lasting Impression /// The Lockwest Monster


As Rodney mentioned in his blog regarding our conversation with Shye Eaze, our follow-up structure has changed.  You may have noticed in our recent episodes.  We now do a quick follow-up at the beginning of the next episode.

Occasionally, we will write a more detailed follow-up.  Usually when we can’t fully communicate what we learned on the podcast in a shorter amount of time.

So, here is my brief follow-up about the lasting impression from “The LockWest Monster /// If We Can’t Communicate We Can’t Exist ///.”


On our home page we once displayed a Ralph Waldo Emerson Quote: “In my walks, every man I meet is my superior in some way, and in that I learn from him.”

During our episode with The Lockwest Monster, he uses an example to describe just this. [A rough paraphrase] He talks about the “Rasta Brotha” walking on the other side of the street.  A man with the same skin color. But dressed differently and wearing his hair differently.  As a result of the differences, he keeps walking.  Not taking the opportunity to learn from that man.  Though he knows that man has something to teach him.

See, ‘Lock’ and I couldn’t be more different.  We grew up on complete opposite corners of the country.  I grew up around farm culture.  He grew up around Gang culture.  His family roots are from Arkansas.  My family roots are from Canada.  He raps with ease.  I rap, and it sounds like I wheeze. (See what I did there?  Bad).  I’m white.  He is black.  On the surface, the list goes on.

In those differences, we never meet.  If we cross paths, we likely don’t talk to each other.  It’s not going to be hostile.  The differences are just so glaring that it’s less than likely we have anything in common.

Even if we do casually cross paths, we may not really talk.  Do we dive into vybe junkiis?  Would philosophy even come up?  Would we get to know how much we really have in common.

Initiating Connection

As an aside, I’m fortunate to have Rodney as my best friend and my partner in this venture.  He has a natural gift to connect with people.  He cultivates that gift and uses it with integrity and sincerity.

I’ve always enjoyed connecting and getting to know people.  But, opening the conversation out of the blue isn’t easy for me.  To this day, initiating is not natural and is often difficult.  Without Rodney, our guests may be cats.  More In Common wouldn’t survive an episode.  Ok, maybe one.

Ultimately, without Rodney and this Podcast, I would have missed any opportunity to connect with The Lockwest Monster…Kent.  We still live many states away.  Our paths are not likely to cross much (though they certainly are sure to again).  But, my life will forever be richer knowing him.  I will always be able to look back and say I learned from our conversation.


This conversation truly put meaning behind Mr. Emerson’s quote.  I’ve understood the meaning.  But, now it truly resonates.

I truly believe in the power of the mind.  Our ability to convince ourselves of the positive or the negative.  Confucius had it right…”The Man who says he can, and the man who says he cannot.. Are both correct.”


I certainly can continue to believe I’m not good at initiating conversation.  It isn’t natural and is often difficult.  But in that “truth” I will miss opportunities to connect.  I will miss opportunities to meet people like Kent.  Certainly not all conversations will have the same level of impact.  But, so long as everyone is my superior I certainly have an opportunity to learn something.

Rodney certainly will always provide that value to More In Common.  But, now my goal is to make sure I provide that value to my life.  There is so much to learn and so many people to learn from.  I truly am grateful for Kent joining us and giving me an opportunity to learn.  And fundamentally validating we have A LOT more in common than different.

KeithMore In Common