More In Common

The opportunity to have conversations is often avoided due to adamant disagreement and the discomfort it causes each of us. As a result, we have seen a growing divide in our country leading to people talking less and creating more disdain for others who have a different perspective or opinion on a topic.

Under the Skin opens up discussions regarding sensitive topics aiming to Expose perspectives helping the Evaluation of thought processes in an effort to Evolve our mindsets. We introduce regular conversations that are difficult to have in everyday settings demonstrating how we listen and discuss with the goal of advancing acceptance and tolerance.

We have been having conversations with each other for almost 15 years. Conversations ranging from the exploration of our agreement to the evolution of our disagreements. In that, we have realized there is an opportunity to share how we have been able to navigate adamant disagreements arriving in a commonplace, even if it is a commonplace of disagreement.

What we have come to realize is we don't have many answers. We are isolated to our discussions and the perspectives we expose ourselves to. The goal is to take our ability for civil dialogue to conversations outside our comfort zone in hopes to provide you with a framework to expand the conversations you look to have in your life. You will hear conversations between us regarding topics we think are important to explore. And you will hear us with guests who may not share our thoughts but do share a goal to move forward together.

We appreciate you listening to our episodes but it is more important that we hear from you. E-mail your ideas for discussions you aren't too sure how to explore with those closest to you. Don't be shy…if you are comfortable, feel free to share that you would like to come onto the show onto the show if you share in the vision of commonality and common direction even if you think you may disagree with us on topics and opinions.

The hope is to establish a place where people can feel safe to discuss passionate opinions by Exposing different perspectives being open to Evaluate those opinions with a goal of Evolving our collective mindsets for more acceptance and tolerance.