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“Be Brave Enough to Start a Conversation that Matters”

Our origin story started in 2002 when we met at Purdue.  Instant friendship ensued and we began having conversations that matter.  There was one particular conversation about gay marriage that took place over a 3 month period.  Both came from different viewpoints on the issue.  At no point was the conversation hostile and at no point did Rodney and Keith consider de-friending each other.  It was productive.  In fact, the conclusion of the dialogue did not end in agreement.  It just ended.

Years later, and many conversations later, Rodney and Keith have come to a common stance on the issue.  But, it wasn't by trying to change someone's mind.  It wasn't a forced decision.  It was simply by have conversations, introducing new perspectives and meeting new people. 

 Through the years, more and more discussions have occurred with far quicker influence one way or the other.  Turns out, we just had an ability to navigate conversations that matter without fear of judgement. 

 Fast forward to 2016 when Colin Kaepernick first took a knee on the 49ers NFL sideline.  There was an immediate need to discuss.  Again, both coming from very different points of view.  LONG before the conversation permeated every household in America.   And, again, we came to a common place with the topic.  Not exactly in the same frame of mind, but with agreement on the issue. 

 At the time, the discourse in our country was clearly heading to a sad place.  Rodney presented the idea of starting a podcast.  Keith was very unfamiliar with the concept so it took a few months to come around on the idea.  But, when he did, they began the journey of More In Common.  If you have been with us from the beginning you know it actually started as Under The Skin…but we don’t need to go into the name change. 

 The first pilot episode was in February of 2017.  The idea was for us to just have conversations demonstrating the possibility of disagreement.  Turns out, it is really hard to disagree when you have spent 15 years coming to agreement on many things.  So, we decided to bring on guests and have conversations with other people.  And it has been a journey since we first started.  Ultimately evolving to where we look to introduce people, their experiences and the ideas their experiences have lead them to. 

 We have loved every step of the process and have a great vision of where the Social Enterprise will go.  The Podcast is just a part of the whole that we want to build.  It started with one episode and we greatly look forward to bringing you along with us as we grow! 


Personal Philosophy: “Do the right Thing”


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